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Construction is a complicated industry. When things don’t go right, the damages are usually significant. One simple way to avoid disagreements during construction is with a well-drafted contract. A contract that includes a scope of work, payment terms, length of time for completion, delay damages and dispute resolution options. Thus, when disagreements arise, the contract can be easily referenced and used to negotiate throughout disagreement. If your construction business does not have contractor or subcontractor agreements in place, please contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your options.


The construction industry is the toughest industry to get paid. Louisiana has options under the Private Works Act and the Public Works Act that provide for payment remedies. Whether you are a subcontractor or a material supplier, the law provides a remedy for you to get paid. If your construction company is having trouble getting paid, please contact us today for a free consultation.


Before a residential or commercial building is built, an engineer and architect have to approve those plans and specifications. With that approval comes a set of plans and specifications that is subcontracted to other contractors. When those plans and specifications aren’t followed, the project owner has the right to demand that the work be corrected. Unfortunately, there are often times disagreements about the workmanship. When the workmanship is not constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications, that work may be deemed defective. We understand the significance of defective workmanship. If your construction business has a dispute relative to alleged defective work, please contact us today for a free consultation.


Timeliness is critical with construction projects. A house needs to be built as agreed upon because a homeowner may be in an apartment of lease that ends. A commercial contractor has to finish on time because the owner may have a landlord that intends to occupy the space at an agreed upon time. What happens when construction is delayed? Who is at fault for the damages? Oftentimes, a construction company may face delay or liquidated damages claims when there might be a reasonable explanation for the delay of construction. If your construction business is involved with a delay or liquidated damages claims, please contact us today for a free consultation.


Many construction agreements require mediation and binding arbitration as the sole remedy to the dispute. This is not a courtroom where appeals of decisions are available. Binding arbitration is usually the end result. The underlying purpose is that the disagreement is addressed quickly and the project can continue. However, knowing that binding arbitration is the final result, handling those claims is different that those claims handled in court. If your construction business is involved in a dispute involving mediation or arbitration, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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