Louisiana Construction Law Attorneys

Serving southeastern Louisiana Including New Orleans & the Northshore

Favret Carriere Cronvich is committed to providing dependable legal services and consultation to professionals in the construction industry throughout Southeastern Louisiana.

Our team practices in many facets of construction law in the New Orleans area, including:

  • Construction Litigation
  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting
  • Construction Defect
  • General Contractor, Subcontractor, Materialman and Equipment Lessors’ Lien Claims
  • Public and Private Works Act Claims
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Delay Claim Analysis
  • Design Professional Liability

Construction Litigation

The attorneys at Favret Carriere Cronvich have the experience and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex challenges that can arise during your building projects. With a strong background in Louisiana construction law, we can represent your best interests in and out of the courtroom, allowing you to quickly get back to work.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

The best way to avoid construction litigation is to use our team for contract negotiation and drafting purposes. Before agreeing to any contracts, let our attorneys ensure that the terms are fair and straightforward. It is crucial that all parties understand and acknowledge their responsibilities and obligations in the project.

Construction Defect

Construction defects are matters that cannot be taken lightly. If a structure has not been designed and constructed properly, these errors can lead to physical injury and/or property damage. The construction law attorneys at Favret Carriere Cronvich can protect you against these losses.

General Contractor, Subcontractor, Materialman and Equipment Lessors’ Lien Claims

The attorneys at Favret Carriere Cronvich have experience representing clients for breach of contract and construction lien claims.

Public and Private Works Act Claims

The Louisiana Public Works Act and Private Works Act are designed to protect the collection rights of those who work on construction projects. Our New Orleans attorneys can help you understand your rights and receive the prompt payments you deserve.

Mediation and Arbitration

Favret Carriere Cronvich provides legal mediation in New Orleans to quickly resolve disputes between any parties involved in building projects. Our goal is to save you time and money by reaching a fair, legally binding, agreement outside of court.

Delay Claim Analysis

Schedule delays can have a significant impact on a building project, and can result in a delay claim. These claims can be difficult to understand, as many different factors within the building project can have a significant impact on the delays. Our attorneys prepare, analyze and provide mediation for delay claims to protect your best interests.

Design Professional Liability

As a design professional, you always try your best to satisfy the needs and goals of your client, but there are always risks of miscommunication and mistakes with any project. Consult with our construction law professionals to make certain that you are protected against possible lawsuits.