Louisiana Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Serving Southeastern Louisiana Including New Orleans & the Northshore

Without proper legal support, a single dispute can potentially end a business. At Favret Carriere Cronvich, we are proud to provide dependable commercial litigation services including:

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Contract Claims
  • Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Unfair Trade Practices
  • Insurance Disputes, Property Damage and Loss of Use Claims
  • Employment Litigation
  • Redhibition Claims

Commercial Disputes

Commercial legal disputes can become complex and the risks can grow quickly. Our attorneys have a very diverse background in commercial law and can provide the counsel and representation necessary to protect your best interests while quickly resolving the dispute.

Contract Claims

Contracts provide a vital function in the commercial world, as they detail each party’s duties and responsibilities. Our attorneys provide legal representation in Louisiana to businesses filing, or providing a defense to, a breach of contract claim.

Fraud and Embezzlement

The charges related to fraud and embezzlement in Louisiana can be as severe as long-term imprisonment. If you are facing an embezzlement case, contact our firm as soon as possible to begin building strong evidence in your defense.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

It is always best to try to amicably resolve disputes with your tenants, or with your landlord, as the results of these disagreements will significantly impact your living arrangements and/or your business. If you are unable to come to fair and reasonable agreements in person, contact our commercial law attorneys to arrange mediation or to negotiate a settlement.

Unfair Trade Practices

Trade laws and regulations are in place to allow for fair competition among businesses. Our attorneys strive to protect Louisiana businesses from unfair trade practices such as price fixing, antitrust violations and much more.

Insurance Disputes, Property Damage and Loss of Use Claims

The attorneys at Favret Carriere Cronvich represent individuals and businesses throughout Southeastern Louisiana that are facing any form of property damage or loss of use disputes. We will thoroughly investigate and accurately document any instances of damage or loss applicable to your case.

Employment Litigation

Focusing in many areas of commercial litigation, Favret Carriere Cronvich provides legal representation for many forms of Louisiana employment litigation cases, including those related to wage and hour violations, wrongful terminations, discrimination, employee harassment and many others.

Redhibition Claims

The attorneys at Favret Carriere Cronvich are experienced in dealing with redhibition claims, which are unique to Louisiana commercial law. These claims are designed to protect consumers against products that have a hidden defect. Contact us if you have any questions regarding redhibition or if you require representation.